20 Amazing yet Funny Phones That Neaver Seen Before


Telephones have become an indispensable part of human lives. It serves as the easiest and affordable means of communication and you can stay connected with your family, friends and acquaintances, 24*7. You are normally familiar with the general landline phones that come in a regular shape.

1. French Fries Phone:

French fries phone
It comes with a Redial function, a switchable tone or pulse and offers clear sound without any noise disturbance. It is just perfect for decorating your bedroom, office or desk.

2. Homer Simpson’s Animated Phone:

Homer SimpsonÆs Animated Phone
It is an animated moving and talking phone. It comes with the option of redial which makes it easier and comfortable to use. It utters some funny sentences as soon as the phone starts ringing. Homer sits on an arm chair and his belly is the keypad with a rotary style with the back portion of the chair as the handset.

3. Wall Mount Vintage Style Phone:

Wall Mount Vintage Style Phone
This phone features dial for push button, oak finish which is rubbed by hands, bronze accents that are brushed, features for speaker phone, hold and redial, technology for push button, dial which is rotary fashioned and a switch for tone or pulse.

4. Michael Jordan Animated Phone:

Michael Jordan Animated Phone

This phone has the texture and shape similar to that of an actual basketball. Comes with a custom or conventional ringer, approved by ETL and FCC and is compatible with hearing aids too. The basketball champion Michael Jordan’s signature is embossed on the top and the ball opens to the basketball court whenever the phone starts ringing. If you rotate the phone three hundred and sixty degrees then you can view the champion’s action shots in the scoreboard.

5. Amaranth Super High-Heel Stiletto Shoe Corded Telephone:

Amaranth Super High-Heel Stiletto Shoe Corded Telephone
Plastics of high quality have been used to design this phone. It comes with a switchable tone or pulse along with the redial, pause and quick flash functions. The miniature soft keypad is comfortable to touch. It is just ideal for decorating in the public or at home.

6. Star Wars R2D2 Novelty Phone:

Star Wars R2D2 Novelty Phone
This phone is an exact replica of R2D2 that are featured in films of Star Wars. R2D2’s head moves and lights up as soon as the phone starts ringing and also produce sound effects. You can make a choice between pulse and tone dialing and it also has options for redial. Coming in blue, brilliant white and silver finish, this phone operates on D alkaline batteries. It is also approved by ETL and FCC.

7. SpongeBob Flip Phone:

SpongeBob Flip Phone

This phone has the shape of a SpongeBob and features in different colors. It is made of soft quality plastic. It comes with options for volume control for both ringer and receiver. You can make a choice between tone dialing and pulse dialing.

8. Barbie Blossom Telephone with Caller ID:

Barbie Blossom Telephone with Caller ID
This cute, colorful phone features handset in bright pink and has comfy rubber grips, pink base bubble gum and a number display that is sparkled. It features a fun gemstone button that activates Barbie ringtones and the flower frame flashes light for incoming calls. It has sixty four number memories for caller ID, redial function, switchable pulse or tone dialing and language for display that can be selected.

9. Animated Spiderman Phone:

Animated Spiderman Phone
The product is an exact clone of the superhero. The animated spider man raises his arms or shoots webs and plays the theme song of Spiderman with incoming calls. Have options for redial, pulse or tone dialing and conventional or custom ringer.

10. Black Candlestick Phone:

Black Candlestick Phone
The phone features fashion plate with rotary dial and technology for push buttons. It comes with options for redial and tone dialing or pulse dialing. A switch is provided for switching the ringer volume on or off and the volume of the earpiece can also be controlled.

11 Telecom Pink Fur and Rhinestone Phone:

Telecom Pink Fur and Rhinestone Phone
This phone is made of pink fur and comes with a jeweled handset. It has options for both redial and flash along with rotary dialing that comes with push buttons. Has switchable pulse dialing or tone dialing and also has options for call waiting and ringer volume.

12. Mobile Phone Retro Handset:

Mobile Phone Retro Handset
This phone is compatible with both IPhone 3 and IPhone 4. It has a single touch button which enables you to take or end calls, a slider for volume control that is built into it and five adaptors.

13. Hot Lips Phone:

Hot Lips Phone
The telephone is designed in the shape of smacking bright red lips and has a black handset cord. It has options for redial and switchable tone dialing or pulse dialing. It is compatible with both call waiting and hearing aids.

14. Snoopy Animated Phone:

Snoopy Animated Phone
This phone features Snoopy, who is wearing a tux & sunglasses. He plays saxophone, does foot tapping and hip swiveling to peanuts theme song. Woodstock dances next to Snoopy, donning his top hat. The animation begins as soon as the telephone starts ringing or the demo button is pushed. It has options for switching on/off of Ringer and redial. Switchable tone or pulse dialing and also compatible with hearing aids.

15. Telemania USS Enterprise Phone:

Telemania USS Enterprise Phone
This phone is an exact clone of the original USS Enterprise. It is a historical data certificate that is numbered. There are sounds of Red Alert and flash is nacelled by the warp as soon as the phone starts ringing. Have options for regular ringer and switchable pulse or tone dialing.

16. Chevy Bel Air Telephone:

Chevy Bel Air Telephone
This phone comes with 2 piece push button. It has options for tone dialing or pulse dialing and redial of last number. There is a horn ringer that goes beep beep and headlights start flashing as soon as the horn starts ringing.

17. Busch Beer Cup Phone:

Busch Beer Cup Phone
This telephone exhibits full electronic features. If you make the phone stand upright on a flat surface then that will end the call, whereas if you lift the cup, then you will get the dial tone. The straw that comes with the cup phone is chipped. It has options for redial and pulse dialing only.

18 Hello Kitty Trimline Princess Style Telephone:

Hello Kitty Trimline Princess Style Telephone
This cute phone comes with flash, mute and ringer that can be made high, low or off. The volume of the receiver can be controlled and has options for tone dialing only.

19. Heart Phone:

Heart Phone
This phone has 1-piece push button. It comes with a mouth piece that is foldable and a hook switch that is sensitive. Have options for redial and pulse dialing only.

20. 1964 Aladdin Genie Lamp Phone:

1964 Aladdin Genie Lamp Phone
This decorator phone resembles the Genie’s lantern and a plate that is rotary fashioned. It is designed using brass metal & brown plastic and has shape similar to the trim linestyle of the 60s. Its Electronic Ringer has a switch for making the volume high or low. It has options for dialing of push button, redial and the volume of the handset can be made high or low.

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